Saturday, August 27, 2011

Betty Crocker

I couldn't help myself.
While researching company information on Betty Crocker I came across this history of the faces of Betty Crocker.  I would like to find more company information-who was the artist that painted the first face of Betty Crocker? Was there a model-if so, who was she, who are all these women? They look stern, determined, actually they look like republicans.....

kate and annmarie

Kate...wants to start her own sleep consultant business

Annmarie...started a business with her husband

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Work

This past weekend I began a new body of work...

I have been using frosting as a medium for a while but I began a new photographic series this weekend. My intention is to show 10+ of these images along with a site-specific drawing done in frosting for a few upcoming shows that I am in. I have mixed feelings about the success of the early shots-have a few things to change and improve but wanted share the results nonetheless. Plus I have to thank the ladies who participated-they were so great and generous with their skin! They will be identified with first names only and a fact that I learned about them while they were being covered in frosting.

Penny...has trouble sitting still

Jess...sore from the 'warrior dash'

Many more to come!