Friday, December 14, 2012

One week visiting artist mini-residency at Cleveland State University. 
March 2012

This started with a collection of 365 used, donated, men's work shirts. Film maker, Cigdem Slankard and myself drove to various 'Good Wills' and transported the generously donated shirts in bags, on hangers. in piles to downtown Cleveland where we began our 'work'

Once in our adopted studio (graciously loaned to us by Cleveland State University's Photography program) we began the laborious task of unpinning, sorting, de-hangering and piling shirts preparing for our first video performance piece (scheduled for that next morning)

 First performance: Ironing and folding all shirts in tandem. Video taken from 3 vantage point of artists hands and arms only.

Albany International Airport installation 
June 2012-June 2014

if you are flying in or out of Albany make sure to take a walk down to terminal B.

  Horizon Sample, cast and sewn pigmented silicone rubber with textiles. 12' diameter.